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I n t e r i o r

Only the best materials are used in the Emilia GT:
Passion, style and perfectionism.

Attention to detail at first glance: the cockpit comes in the original Giulia GT design. The style of the 1960s is revived in the Emilia GT Veloce. There is no way we could have improved on the timelessly clear and beautiful lines; however, what we are in fact able to do is to process the materials with even higher quality. Fine leather and exquisite woods significantly valorise both the look and feel of the interior. Modern air conditioning and Recaro sports bucket seats ensure that even tall drivers and passengers enjoy a comfortable ride. 

Each Emilia GT Veloce cockpit can be customized to the highest degree. Almost any combination of colours and materials you can imagine is possible.

An exciting contrast of carbon strips and a classic steering wheel with a wooden rim.

Particularly sporty and strikingly elegant: brushed aluminium strips and jet-black leather.

More comfort.
Less ballast.

The Emilia GT Veloce is certainly not in any way an “everyday” car, but it is perfectly suited for everyday use. Offering sufficient space and comfort, the Gran Turismo is ready to hit the road whenever you fancy a joy ride. A modern multimedia system, which is discreetly integrated into the historic cockpit design, provides brilliant entertainment that comes second only to the sound of the V6 engine. Of course, the Emilia GT Veloce is equipped with modern air conditioning and electric windows and mirrors.

A thrilling driving experience needs super-grip sports seats. As only the best is good enough for the Emilia GT Veloce, we have opted for sports bucket seats from the prestigious manufacturer Recaro, which embrace the driver and passenger like a fitted racing suit while offering sufficient comfort even on longer journeys.

To ensure that even tall drivers and passengers enjoy a comfortable ride, the rear seats have been replaced by a leather-covered luggage rack. What’s more, a roll bar ensures safety and increased stability.

What you can expect from the new Emilia GT is modern luxury without any superfluous bells and whistles. Each extra gram weighs on driving pleasure, which is why we only install what is really necessary for a breathtaking driving experience.